Should I get an Apple or Windows laptop or tablet?

Episode 1024 (17:31)

Colby from

Colby's parents are going to get him either a laptop or tablet. Apple or Windows? Leo says it largely depends on what the school uses, usually. A tablet for school work is a tedious affair. So you'd have to buy a bluetooth grade keyboard for another $100. Microsoft will be coming out with the Surface 2 in two days. Also check out the HP ChromeBook. A real laptop, but it runs the Chrome OS. You use Google Docs and you' have all you need and the price isn't all that bad at $279.

Leo says the Windows Surface RT with the Type keyboard would probably be Colby's best choice. You can get the current model for about $319 since they dropped the price not too long ago, or wait until Tuesday and get the Surface 2. But Colby will also want the type, not touch, keyboard to go along with it.