Apple Prepares for October 22nd Event

Episode 1024 (03:41)

Invitations went out this week for another Apple Event on October 22nd, this time at the Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco. The larger venue usually points to several announcments, and Leo says it's likely that the 5th Generation iPad and iPad Mini 2 will be announced. Leo is skeptical that the Mini will get a Retina display this time around, even though it sorely needs one. What else could it have? A larger battery, and a more powerful processor. But if it doesn't have a Retina screen, will it be a flop?

The iPad itself will likely adopt the design of the iPad Mini, with a thinner bezel. It will also likely sport the same processor as the iPhone 5S. Leo thinks stereo speakers and a better camera would be nice. It'll be interesting if they add Touch ID to it, too. Leo says that iPhone 5s may be in short supply right now because the fingerprint readers are falling behind in construction.

Leo says there definitely won't be an SD card reader or NFC chip. Apple doesn't care about that stuff.