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Watch Colby from Comments

Colby's parents are going to get him either a laptop or tablet. Apple or Windows? Leo says it largely depends on what the school uses, usually. A tablet for school work is a tedious affair. So you'd have to buy a bluetooth grade keyboard for another $100. Microsoft will be coming out with the Surface 2 in two days. Also check out the HP ChromeBook. A real laptop, but it runs the Chrome OS. You use Google Docs and you' have all you need and the price isn't all that bad at $279.

Leo says the Windows Surface RT with the Type keyboard would probably be Colby's best choice. You can get the current model for about $319 since they dropped the price not too long ago, or wait until Tuesday and get the Surface 2. But Colby will also want the type, not touch, keyboard to go along with it.

Watch Andrew from Comments

Andrew's web site is reaching the point where he has to decide if it needs to be redone completely with social media integration. Should they just update it or strip bare and rewrite from the ground up? Leo says it largely depends on the host. The host is an “ASP” host which is a very old format that relies on “dot net.” Leo says it largely depends on how dependent on dot net he is. If he's not married to dot net, then there's plenty of other options.

Leo's sponsor is SquareSpace and they are not only scalable, but also mobile responsive (meaning it can resize according to screen size – laptop, tablet, or mobile phone). SquareSpace is also good because it's template driven, and that's by and large “plug and play.” You don't have to be a developer.
You can also customize the templates. And you can update via smartphone apps.

Another choice is

(Disclaimer: SquareSpace is a sponsor).

Watch Ephram from Comments

Ephram has a Samsung Galaxy S2 and he wants to link it to his car stereo to be hands free. He's using a headphone jack to plug into a cassette adapter. But he's getting volume issues. Leo says it's probably a cheap adapter. Try a better quality adapter that can filter out interference and you'll have a better go.

Watch Barbara from Comments

Barbara has an old Gateway computer that's finally given up the ghost. So what should she get? She wants to be able to rip her husband's albums and burn the music to CD, so she'll need a computer with a CD burner.

Leo says that Dell is probably Barbara's best bet. They're very reliable and robust. Barb won't need a high end machine either. A Dell Inspiron would do, and she can get one for about $500. She can still get a Windows 7 machine, too. A Dell All-in-One would save on space as well, but they're a little more expensive. 8GB of RAM and a 1TB hard drive would be adequate. She can also look at Lenovo.

Watch Bruce from Comments

Bruce bought an Acer computer with Windows 8 and it has a lot of bloatware. Can he delete most of the Acer apps without hurting the computer? Leo says yes, but Bruce will want to wait until he's installed the 8.1 update. Here's the link to the update:

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Watch Nathan from Comments

Nathan is having trouble with his business website, as his webmaster disappeared with domain name, hosting, everything. Leo says he hears this hassle all the time. There is a process to reclaim your dotcom domain. It's not easy, but it can be done. This is why it's necessary to register your domain name yourself. It's really easy.

Leo says to go to SquareSpace. They may even be able to help Nathan get his domain name back. And they won't run off, leaving you in the lurch. Another option is BigCommerce.

Watch Wendy from Comments

Wendy needs to buy a new smartphone. Suggestions? Leo says that the first thing to do is look at your carrier. It impacts what phone you get because you may not have a choice of the phone you want. And Third party carriers like TING ties into Sprint. Page Plus has Verizon. Metro PCS is T-Mobile. So it's important to pay attention to coverage maps. And you won't be able to subsidize if you're not going under contract and that means full price.

Android may be too complicated. The iPhone is always a good entry phone, but third party carriers may not carry it. A good choice for Wendy would be a Windows Phone like the HTC 8XT. Very nice.

(Disclaimer: Ting is a sponsor).

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Watch Michele from Comments

Michele has become a photographer since she retired. She's recently traded in her 5D Mk. II for an Olympus OMD because it's smaller. She's disappointed, however, in the lens. Leo says that Michele has come from a full frame DSLR to a micro-four thirds sensor and that causes a transition, especially in depth of field.

Additionally, she got an iMac and while she likes the huge 27” screen. She also got a MacBook Air with an external hard drive. But it's so small. Leo says that she should just use her iMac for all her photography stuff. Or, Michele could pick up a large 27” Cinema Display, Keyboard and Mouse and then you can use the MacAir as a desktop replacement. Leo decided the storage issues by only putting the most recent pictures and backup the older images to the external drive. Use the Air just for the current stuff.

Then Leo would recommend having off site copies on an external drive that she can swap out and give to her son for safe keeping.

Watch Jim from Comments

Jim went to Europe and used his Samsung Galaxy Note as his sole computer option. He used it for backing up the photos he took and then uploaded them to the cloud. Leo says that's a great idea. He wants to get a Note 3 but he's heard some bad things about it. Leo says that the Note 3 has some great features. First it's bigger in screen size, but thinner and actually smaller than the Note 2 because of the smaller bezel. The OLED does have very accurate color. What Leo doesn't like is all the Samsung bloatware like “TouchWiz.” Samsung continues to lard features on their phones and Leo wishes they wouldn't. And Samsung tunes their phones to look better in benchmarks, which makes them look better, but doesn't necessarily perform better.

Watch Joe from Comments

Joe's wife has been taking cooking classes and has created a website, but he's concerned that since they used someone to build it that they may not own it. Leo says that if you look at the bottom, you may find that they are asserting their own copyright there. And what Leo says … you want the keys to the kingdom. Insist on having the logins to the webhost and where is it hosted, having the domain name registered in your name. You can go to and you can tell who owns it there and who hosts it. Also, you have to know that you're paying for the hosting, not the person who built it. And once you know who the host is, you can insist the ownership is transferred.

Check out Joe's wife's website –

Watch Aiden from Comments

Aiden wants to know what is the best stop motion animation camera and software? Leo says that if you're using the iPod Touch, like Aiden does, he can use iStop Motion because it's designed to work with his iPod Touch camera. But just about any digital camera can be used as a stop motion camera. Then you import the pictures into your editor and make a movie with it. There is software that can do it. The Chatroom says Animator HD on Windows is free.

Watch Rocky from Comments

Rocky has been rebuilding her Windows computer installation and it's not updating. Leo says that there could be some malware that is mucking up the works. And when you get infected like that, the only real thing you can do is backup your data, wipe the hard drive, and do a clean install from a known, good source. Wipe the hard drive completely. Run the recovery/installation utility and select options and then choose to format the hard drive. Then restore. That will get it back to the way it was when you bought it.

Here's a good source for how to reinstall Windows on your computer -"

Microsoft has a fixit for it Windows Update Error 8000FFFF here -"