Windows Releases 8.1 Update

Episode 1023 (04:36)

Microsoft has released version 8.1 of Windows, but it's still two operating systems vying for your attention which Leo says is very confusing to users. While 8.1 has improved the experience, the problem is still there. Leo claims it's because Microsoft wants to move to a tablet based operating system for all devices, but they can't seem to let go of the past. At least search has been refined and the Start screen is more friendly -- If, Leo says, you can find out how to set it up.

Microsoft is offering the update for free, if your OS is up to date. If it isn't, then you won't get access to the store, so make sure to update first.

Conversely, though, Microsoft has pulled the 8.1 update for the Windows RT tablets, which was apparently bricking some devices.