What's the best tablet for games and reading?

Episode 1023 (1:50:47)

Susan from

Susan is looking to get a tablet that will handle ebook reading, games for the kids, and working the internet. Leo says that while you can get a cheaper Android iPad, Leo says that Susan should get an iPad. It's got great apps, is well supported, and very easy to use. It's a little more expensive, but it's worth it. But wait until Tuesday, October 22, because it's likely Apple will announce new iPads and she could save money on the previous version. 3G or Wifi? Well you still have to pay for a monthly data plan with 3g, but if you have internet at home, why not get the WiFi only instead?

But since Susan has an Android phone, it may be a good idea to go Android, like the Google Nexus 7. How about the Kindle Fire HDX? Leo says that HDX is great, but it's smaller. And it's designed to encourage you to buy stuff from Amazon. Leo says that the software isn't all that polished. And because Amazon has locked it down pretty good, not all apps can run on the Fire.

Get the iPad. It's still the way to go.