What tablet should I get for photography?

Episode 1022 (2:00:49)

Avis from Santa Ana, CA

Avis is a photographer and would like a widescreen tablet with keyboard to show her work and also use it for eCommerce. Leo says that the iPad with Retina display is probably the best option. She could even plug in the Square dongle to take credit cards.

If she needs to have Adobe Flash, that's going to limit her to a Windows Surface 2 tablet. But Leo says that Flash is a bag of hurt and not worth the trouble. She should go with the iPad and if her website is written in Flash, it's time to redo it because Flash is a dinosaur that's rapidly becoming extinct.

Another option is the Google Nexus 7, but the iPad will give her the proper "full bleed" aspect ratio.

Avis is also wondering about getting a smartphone as well, but doesn't like how slippery they all are. Leo mentions that the Galaxy Note III actually has a pleather back with actual stitching to keep it from being so slippery. However, Leo would suggest an iPhone because it runs the same operating system as the iPad.