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Watch Larry from Monrovia, CA Comments

Larry has an elderly friend who has an iPhone. He would like to forward email to his phone and it's not working. Leo says that every phone offers a special address that is the phone number via email. So if he knows the carrier is, he can email him through that phone number. Usually it would be something like "" but they're all different. It'll be sent to him as a text message.

Here's how to email SMS on every carrier.

Watch Brian from Laguna, CA Comments

Brian's external hard drive started to make strange noises and he needs to replace it. Leo says that hard drives are commodities and they're really all the same. Seagate is good, as is Western Digital.

Brian is also looking at getting Carbonite for home backup, but is wondering which tier he should use with video files. Leo says that video is too big for off site backup because the backup upload is only a trickle. It can take months to backup a single video file. Leo says backing up video off site isn't really practical. Thats where it's better to use two hard drives and swap them every other week.

If he copies something to his backup drive and then deletes the original, then he doesn't really have a backup! The idea of backup is to create redundancy. As such, he'll need at least three backups - on two formats, and one offsite - to be assured that his data is backed up securely.

Watch Richard from Tuscon, AZ Comments

Richard's wife is considering replacing her laptop with an iPad. Would that be a good idea? Leo says it largely depends. If it's just surfing the web, getting email, and doing casual gaming, it's ideal. For 90% of users, it's the right choice. However, she's not going to write the great American novel on it. Then again, she can use a portable keyboard with it.

Leo uses the Logitech portable keyboard with his iPad. Leo advises waiting until October 22, when Apple is rumored to be announcing new iPads.

Watch Bob from Elmwood Park, NJ Comments

Bob has heard a lot about iOS 7, and that it's more processor intensive and has had a dramatic effect on iPad 2's battery life. Leo has not heard this, and in fact he has an iPad Mini which is similar in spec to an iPad 2. Leo's battery life has not been effected by updating to iOS 7. Leo says it's nice to have iOS 7 because some apps have already been designed for it. There are some negatives to iOS 7, but Leo still recommends updating because Apple will push it on him sooner or later.

Watch Tristen from Pleasanton, CA Comments

Leo says when it comes to the iPhone, Apple has to support Windows, but it doesn't have to support Linux. Leo's not sure that even matters though, because increasingly the iPhone is designed not to be connected to a computer. Updates all happen over the air now. It's no longer tied to a desktop computer. Obviously there's no iTunes on Ubuntu for his music, which might be the biggest issue, but he can get music directly on the phone. Leo doesn't think he'll run into any major issues using an iPhone and an Ubuntu desktop computer.

Watch Paul from Santa Monica, CA Comments

Paul's PC runs Vista and today he booted up and got nothing but a pattern on his screen. Leo says it sounds like either a bad video driver or a failing video card. Leo advises going into safe mode, reinstalling the video driver and reboot. If it comes back, then he's solved the problem. If not, then he should look into replacing the video card.

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Watch Michele from Palos Verdes, CA Comments

Michele switched service providers, and since then all of her email has vanished. Leo says updating to iOS 7 may have wiped it out of her iPhone. Or it could be Google's recent gmail changes. Leo says to delete the email account in her phone and then recreate it with Google as the provider. Then she can have access to her gmail again.

She also should look in her archive folder. Gmail never really deletes email -- it archives it instead. If it's all gone though, it's possible her account has been hacked. She should also check the All Mail folder.

Gmail also has a tech note on how to search for missing mail.

Watch Svera from Oslo, Norway Comments

Svera took Leo's advice to use a cheap HD video camera for his online TV channel. He's envious about the infamous Skypeasaurus. Can he create a virtual one? He's looking at using Google Hangouts, but it's difficult to get people using Google Plus. Leo says that Google Hangouts are a great solution for just starting out because it saves to YouTube automatically. Hangouts uses WebRTC on the backend, and Leo's considering using WebRTC for TWiT. But it does take some setup time if he has guests.

Leo also says that ooVoo is another option. Wirecast does it as well. Here's a tutorial.

Watch Fred from Torrance, CA Comments

Fred is going to be changing his service to T-Mobile and he wants to know if he can connect the old phone with the new phone and transfer everything via Bluetooth. Leo says it depends on whether or not there's app support on both the phones. Motorola and HTC have migration apps that do just that. Not everything, but critical things. Both phones have to have it, though.

If they're running different operating systems, he will probably need a computer in between. Leo also says he can use SkyDrive between the two. Upload to the cloud and Fred's Lumia Windows Phone will grab it back down. DropBox will work as well. Bluetooth is generally not used for file transfer as much as it is for audio.

Watch John from Encinitas, CA Comments

John wants to know how to properly take care of his batteries. There's a huge variety of advice about Lithium-ion batteries, but Leo says there's just a few things to keep in mind for extending the life of a battery. First, keep it charged. A Lithium-ion battery has about 500 recharge cycles in it. By keeping it charged and plugged in more often, it won't discharge and use up a cycle. He doesn't have to worry about overcharging either, because there's circuitry that prevents it from charging once it's fully charged. Secondly, if he's storing it long-term, he should keep it at 50% capacity. Finally, if it's partially discharged and charged back up, that will only count as a partial cycle toward the 500 that it has.

There's also a lot of talk about "conditioning" batteries. This applies to the older Nickel-Metal Hydride batteries, but not to Lithium-ion. From what Leo has been told from very trusted sources, these are the only things that matter in keeping modern batteries going.

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Watch Brandon from Springfield, MO Comments

Brandon has an older iPod Touch and can't update the OS. Leo says that iOS 7 probably isn't compatible for iOS 7. The only iPod Touch that's compatible is the fifth generation touch. That's not really a big deal unless the apps he uses need iOS 7 to run.

Watch Phyllis from Florida Comments

Phyllis has iGoogle as her home page and it's about to be shut down. She wants to know how she can back everything up before it's too late. Leo says to look for an "export" function in each gadget. Or there may be a way to export everything at the bottom of the iGoogle page.

Once it does shut down, she can use In fact, has the ability to import iGoogle Settings via an XML file. She could also use NetVibes or ProtoPage, which offer the same functionality.

Watch Avis from Santa Ana, CA Comments

Avis is a photographer and would like a widescreen tablet with keyboard to show her work and also use it for eCommerce. Leo says that the iPad with Retina display is probably the best option. She could even plug in the Square dongle to take credit cards.

If she needs to have Adobe Flash, that's going to limit her to a Windows Surface 2 tablet. But Leo says that Flash is a bag of hurt and not worth the trouble. She should go with the iPad and if her website is written in Flash, it's time to redo it because Flash is a dinosaur that's rapidly becoming extinct.

Another option is the Google Nexus 7, but the iPad will give her the proper "full bleed" aspect ratio.

Avis is also wondering about getting a smartphone as well, but doesn't like how slippery they all are. Leo mentions that the Galaxy Note III actually has a pleather back with actual stitching to keep it from being so slippery. However, Leo would suggest an iPhone because it runs the same operating system as the iPad.

Watch Jonathan from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Jonathan is a music student getting his Masters and he's putting on a chorale recital soon. He would like to create a way for his audience to interact with their smartphones, follow along with the score, and more. He's using QR codes that link to DropBox files of the scores and wants to set up a mobile chatroom. Leo says that the music group Umphrey's McGee is really good at stuff like this. They also do stuff like take requests and sell the concert on USB key afterwards.

Leo says the easiest way is to get everyone to use Twitter with a set Hashtag (#). It will make it really easy to search for all comments during the concert. Facebook will work as well. If they don't have an account for that, he could set up a Google Voice number and have them text their thoughts.

Watch David from Hollywood, CA Comments

David is a filmmaker and he was setting up RAID to his workstation, but all the information has been lost during a repair. Leo says it's often the case that the IT guy will wipe the drive when repairing the computer. The RAID was rebuilt and the data has been lost. He was wondering if he could do data recovery to get the data back. Leo says it's possible, but it could cost thousands of dollars.

Watch Robert from Castaic, CA Comments

Robert has an HTC One and wants to keep copies of his email on the server that won't disappear when he deletes the email locally. Leo says that it's important to be sure the POP server settings are correct. He should make sure that the settings in his webmail are enabled for POPmail. Make sure it's port 995.

Watch Earl from Lakeside, CA Comments

Earl's gmail is showing up on his phone, but he can't seem to access all of his messages in the browser. Leo says that everything should be there if he's using his web browser. GMail has changed its filtering setup and that could be causing it. If it's turned on in his desktop, that could be causing the issue. He should click on the gear to get into settings, and choose "configure inbox". Then he should make sure that Priority Inbox is turned off. If he's using the gmail app, he'll want to turn it off there as well.