What's the best VOIP business phone system?

Episode 1021 (37:03)

Karen from Torrance, CA

Karen runs a business and she needs a new phone system that will work with a virtual team. She had a bad experience with Vonage. Leo says that Vonage wasn't really equipped to handle both cellphones and landline calls. Here's a few good VOiP options:

  • RingCentral
    This is what Leo uses. It's $20 a month per user. While it is VOiP, it doesn't act like VOiP. She could actually plug phones into the wall. (Disclaimer: RingCentral is a sponsor).
  • Grasshopper
    This is similar to RingCentral, but is a bit simpler to set up. This was the solution Leo used when TWiT was smaller, and it actually would use people's cell phones. It has business text messaging, conferencing, and sales force integration.
  • 8x8
    This is yet another VOiP option Karen can look into.