How can I share photos with someone remotely?

Episode 1020 (1:33:02)

Brad from Atlanta, GA

Brad would like to create a private YouTube channel that will give him the ability to put pictures on it so his elderly Aunt can see them online. Leo says that a better option is an internet enabled smart digital picture frame that he can update remotely. She does have internet access and an HD TV, so could he use the Chromecast to do this? Leo says he could, but Brad would have to travel to his Aunt's and set it up because it would have to see her Wi-Fi. She would have to learn how to access YouTube from the Chromecast, too.

Brad could get her a TV that has a SIM card slot that she could view pictures on. There's also Roku, which could get pictures that he puts into Dropbox. An Apple TV would work to share pictures remotely, also. The cheapest option is to get a digital picture frame, though.