Scott Wilkinson

Episode 1019 (18:20)

Scott is back to talk about the latest design trend in high level HDTVs - curved screens! Leo has an OLED screen that's curved and Sony just introduced a curved LCD screen. Scott says it's bascially because they can make it and It stands out. It has some downsides including stretching out reflections, making them worse, and narrowing the field of view so that only one or two people can really watch it.

Scott agrees that Leo's OLED screen is gorgeous. The material that they use glows when stimulated by electricity, which causes it to be more natural because it doesn't have to deal with shutters and filters. That's what makes OLED black levels more stunning and realistic. It's also brighter, so in 3D, the image is far more realistic because it's not being dimmed. Leo hates to admit it, but 3D looks great on OLED. Scott says that Life of Pi in 3D is amazing, as is The Hobbit. Hugo is one of Scott's favorites as well.