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Watch Jack from Liverpool, ENG Comments

Jack has an iPhone 5, but he's thinking of switching to an Android phone. Leo says that we've reached a point in smartphones where they're all fantastic and he can actually choose based on the phone he likes and not the carrier he's with. There's a lot of choice and it varies on what he likes.

Leo says that the HTC One is one of the top of the line phones with stereo front facing speakers. There's also the Motorola Moto-X, which has the charm and feel of an iPhone but is more advanced in many areas. Even the Nokia Lumia 1020 Windows Phone is a great option.

But don't write off the new iPhone 5S. iOS 7 has some great features including a particle engine and if he already is in the Apple ecosystem, it makes sense to stick with it.

Watch Charlie from New Jersey Comments

Charlie is planning on buying a Google Nexus 7 tablet, and is wondering where to buy it. If he ordered it directly from Google, he was wondering where he'd bring it if there was something wrong. Leo says he'd have to send it in to them, because there's nowhere to go. Leo says it doesn't really matter where he gets it, though.

There were some issues with the Nexus 7, but Google claims to have solved them. He may be able to get a better deal at Amazon or by just shopping around, but Leo says that getting it at Google is just as good. Leo also suggests getting the Chromecast for $35 as well so he can stream Netflix and music to it.

Watch Matt from Hillsborough, NJ Comments

Matt has a Lenovo laptop and he wants to install a Blu-ray player in it. Leo says that because Blu-ray is more copy protected than a DVD burner, it's more of a challenge to use it on a computer. Windows 8 does support Blu-ray, but he'll still need HDCP support which could require more software. Leo recommends looking around to see if anyone's done this with his particular laptop before he proceeds. While he's at it though, Matt should also install a solid state drive, which will make it a lot faster.

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Watch Chris from Booklyn, NY Comments

Chris has a relative that needs a really easy to use point and shoot camera. Leo says that an iPod Touch has a good camera and is easy to use. The chatroom says that the Canon ELPH is good option. Samsung makes a good basic line of cameras also.

Another option is kind of out there, but the QX10 which is a lens for a smartphone that also doubles as a camera itself.

Sadly, Kodak used to be Leo's #1 suggestion, but its gotten out of the game.

Watch Richard from West LA Comments

Richard recently bought a Google Nexus 7 and he's having trouble with the touch screen. Leo says that Google has acknowledged the problem and is working to push an update to Android that will solve the issue. He can also just return it and get one that doesn't have the issue. He shouldn't have to wait for an update and it could be a hardware problem. No software patch can fix that.

Google does mention resetting the tablet or booting the tablet into "Safe Mode".

Watch Alex from Colorado Comments

Alex has a Google Nexus 4 that reset on him recently and he lost all his data. He wants to know the best way to backup and restore the whole phone. The Google sync didn't restore all of his contacts and apps. Leo says that it should, but Alex says half the time it doesn't, and he doesn't know why. It could be a settings issue, so he should look into the backup and restore options to make sure it's enabled. Leo says to backup his Nova Launcher settings to Dropbox, and also says to use LastPass for his passwords.

Helium Backup will backup his apps without rooting. Titanium Backup needs rooting, but it backs up everything.

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Watch George from London, UK Comments

George has a camera that shoots in RAW, and wants to know what software for Mac will handle this best. Leo says that RAW is the uncompressed, raw data coming from the sensor, so it's huge, unwieldy, and unprocessed. The Mac already has a program that can handle those RAW files, though. iPhoto should handle it, but Apple Aperture is another good option that will give him additional capabilities. Leo also likes Adobe Lightroom.

Watch Brian from Ashville, NC Comments

Josh wants to know if the c in the iPhone 5c stands for 'cheap.' Leo says it really stands for "color", and is designed to appeal to price sensitive users. This phone is really an iPhone 5 made in plastic offered in different colors, and is meant to replace the iPhone 4 and 4s in the budget marketplace. It's not all that cheap, but he could get it on contract for about $99. If he wants to buy it off contract and unlocked, it's not that much less than the iPhone 5s.

Watch Jim from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Jim would like a laptop that has a detachable keyboard turning it into a tablet. Leo has two, the Lenovo Yoga and the Asus Transformer.

Leo also says that the Sony Viao Duo is the thinnest tablet he has ever seen. It runs Windows 8, has the new Haswell processor, and weighs only 2 lbs!