Should I buy a 4k TV yet?

Episode 1018 (21:20)

DJ from Las Vegas, NV

DJ has a 1080p Plasma TV and all of his HDMI inputs have all died. According to his research, it's a common issue and it's going to cost him up to $500 to repair. Leo says it was likely a lightning strike that shorted out the controller. So DJ wants to know that since he has to buy a new TV, should he future proof and get a 4k TV?

Leo says there's really no need to buy 4k since there's no content in 4K at the moment. If the TV is 3D it could be of benefit, but he won't see any 4k content over broadcast or even streaming for a few years. The Playstation 4 and the XBox One will be 4k capable. So it may be worth it if he's a gamer. Leo says to just buy a 1080p TV and make sure he has a good surge protector on it. And if there's a lightning storm, unplug everything!

4K TVs aren't really 4k anyway. It's "Ultra High Definition," but not really 4K. The only affordable 4K TVs right now aren't very good, either. There's going to be a point where it makes sense to get one, but we're not there yet.