How can I backup and organize my photos?

Episode 1018 (1:24:08)

George from Georgia

George's wife is into photography and has 700 GBs of pictures and it's growing. Leo says it's very hard to "cull" photographs, but Leo's made a practice of going through all of his good shots the evening after he takes them. What can George do to back these all up? He also needs a larger drive for his MacBook Pro.

Leo says to leave only the current crop of shots on the laptop and move everything else onto an external drive. Leo says that Lightroom is a great option for organizing his photos and cull the ones he doesn't need. Then, Leo saves them to an external drive, but he buys two and keeps them in sync. When traveling he takes them both and keeps one in his checked luggage and one on his carry on. The key is to keep his current photos on the laptop and get the rest off of there and backed up.

Read Peter Krogue's digital asset management book called The DAM Book and check out his website