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Watch Dave from British Columbia, CAN Comments

Dave is curious about Google Voice, which is being rolled out in Canada. Leo says that Google Voice was originally called Grand Central and was designed to be a cloud based PBX system that could route calls to various phones and voicemail. He could also put a Google Voice app on his smartphone, which would allows him to bypass text message charges. He can also use this to make phone calls. Best of all, it's free!

Watch Ryan from Salt Lake City, UT Comments

Ryan has a car stereo that has bluetooth capability. He'd like to replace it with an Android tablet that can do the same thing. Leo says it's easy to do and he's seen it with an iPad. It does require some mofication of his dash, however. It also has to have the capability to route audio out of the USB port.

Leo says that Google Voice can also help because he can route incoming calls to the tablet and use it to answer calls. There's a great app for Android called TabletTalk which picks up phone calls. is a great source for mounting a tablet in his car.

Watch Canalay from Pulman, WA Comments

Canalay teaches TV production at Washington State University and every night they do a nightly newscast via public broadcasting. They want to expand and go to streaming the broadcast online. Leo says TWiT uses the TriCaster which uses SDI (a pro version of HDMI) and then routes that through a Blackmagic encoding card. From there, they can stream to the net via either UStream or Justin.TV. Then anyone can view it from all over the world. Leo says they were just using a plain PC for a long time. But now, they've moved on to the Elemental, which is $25,000.

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Watch Chris from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Caller wants to create some sort of timeline or internet time capsule. Leo says that Google TakeOut is a great feature that lets you export everything you put on it and save it on a format. There are other timeline features like Facebook. You can also create photo books from the images you post online. There's also TimeHop and JoliDrive.

Watch Aaron (Dem90) from Washington DC Comments

Aaron's dad got a Samsung Galaxy SIV from Verizon, and he hates the Outlook email app. Leo says he likes K-9 for Outlook. Ultimately, Leo prefers Gmail because he can now his emails and sort them by categories. GMail also has the best anti-spam. Leo suggests forwarding the Outlook Mail to his Gmail account and using that instead.

Watch Josh from High Springs, FL Comments

Leo says a good way to do this is to create a gmail account for them, and just email photos to it. Then later in life, he can give them access to the account and they can see all their baby pictures. He could also use Facebook's timeline feature, and upload photos to that. The only problem with this is that Facebook requires users to be at least 13, so he'd have to lie to Facebook to create an account for them. Leo says there are sites specifically for this type of thing, but they aren't nearly as likely to stick around as Facebook and Google will. He'll want to choose a service that will be around in years to come. Even if Google or Facebook does go away someday, he could still export the content to another service.

Watch Ben from Santa Ana, CA Comments

Ben has noticed that his Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 is slowing down. Leo says that reports are that the flash memory in it was cheap and it just slows down in time. It's called "garbage collection." Google fixed it with Android 4.3 (JellyBean), but most tablets don't have it yet. He could root the tablet and put a 4.3 ROM on it. Then he can use LagFix (ftrim) to fix it.

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Watch David from Long Island, NY Comments

David has a home theater PC (HTPC) and he wants to get a larger hard drive, but he doesn't want an external drive in an enclosure. He just wants a bare bones disc to copy over too. Will a USB to SATA adapter do the job?

Leo suggests the NewerTek Universal Drive Adapter and it's a very handy thing to have around to access a bare bones hard drive. Not something he'll want to use every day, but it's great for when he needs to pull data off a hard drive.

Watch Gabriel from Miami Beach, FL Comments

Gabriel is visually impaired, and would greatly benefit from this self-driving car that Google has been working on. Leo believes the technology has been perfected, and it works really well already. Gabriel says he has connections to people working on this, and that they should be ready to go on sale by 2017. Legislation needs to be written in California by 2015 for it.

Leo says California has legalized driving autonomous vehicles for research purposes. Leo doesn't see this happening already in 5 years though, not because of the limits of technology, but because of culture. People aren't going to be comfortable with this that soon. Leo compares the sensation to when his daughter first learned to drive, and he was in the passenger seat. He doesn't suspect that it'll be any easier with an autonomous vehicle. It's being introduced incrementally though, with things like lane assist, blind spot recognition, and adaptive cruise control.

Leo is looking forward to the day where autonomous cars are on the market though, because he believes it would be much safer than most of the drivers on the road today.