Where should I get the new iPhone?

Episode 1016 (1:42:06)

Darlene from Torrance, CA
iPhone 5s

Darlene is looking to upgrade to the new iPhone 5c or 5s and and wants to know if she should buy at the Verizon store or the Apple Store? Leo says to avoid the 5c because it's just an iPhone 5 with colors. The iPhone 5S is a far better buy. Leo says as for where to buy it, it doesn't matter. He likes going to the Apple Store because they'll do stuff for him like transfer his data for free.

What about the recycling program? Leo says that Apple will recycle the phone, but they won't give her much for it. Leo recommends going to Gazelle.com to sell her old phone. They'll give her a great deal on it.

(Disclaimer: Gazelle is a sponsor).