How can I avoid being on the NSA radar?

Episode 1016 (1:50:14)

Andrew from Dayton, OH

Andrew would like to be less trackable by the government. Should he ditch the smartphone and just use one of his old flip phones? Leo says the NSA could still find out who he calls and who calls him. Then they can triangulate that to find his location with cell towers. If he wants to be truly off the grid, he should get a burner phone. But that's a heck of a lot of trouble to go to.

The only reasonable way to go about it is to remember that everything he does online is public. So he should just avoid doing stuff online, and use cash whenever possible. Bitcoin is a response to this, and is called a "crypto currency", and is anonymous. There's no way of tracing where it came from if someone pays with bitcoin. It's decentralized and there's no federal reserve bank. However, that's also a negative because you can't pay taxes with this.

Seriously though, we need to insist that they role back the surveillance laws and honor the Constitutional privacy protections.