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Watch Tom from Ottawa, Canada Comments

Tom recently bought a Samsung Galaxy SIV Phone and he's got a ton of apps he can't delete. He hates it! Leo says that it's worse for Tom because Rogers loads apps on the phone as well. Leo says there's very little free space as a result, so he'll end up relying on his microSD card. However, the card is a "second class citizen" in that not all apps or widgets can be moved onto the card. If he roots it, he'll get 12GB of free space.

Watch Tom from Ottawa, Canada Comments

Tom has been syncing podcasts to his iPod Touch. But now that he has the SIV, he's been syncing the podcast, but DoubleTwist can't remember the position of the podcast. Leo says that Doubletwist player doesn't remember because it thinks it's a song. Leo recommends DogCatcher for Android, and use DoubleTwist to sync it. In fact, Leo says to subscribe to the podcast through Dogcatcher and it'll get it.

Tom also wants to be able to pick up where he left off from his computer listening through iTunes. The chatroom says that Stitcher may do it. Pocket Casts may also do it.

Watch Mark from Cleveland, OH Comments

Mark has a 1TB, 70,000 photo library and he's been backing it up to external hard drives. He's now looking for an online backup option where he can send in the drive and have it transferred over. Leo says that's the issue of online backup because it trickles data up to prevent his performance from dropping.

CrashPlan will do it, as will BackBlaze. There's also EverPix. Everpix will upload in high quality in the background, de-dupe them, and has a cool flashback option.

Carbonite should definitely have this feature though, and Leo's going to tell them.

(Disclaimer: Carbonite is a sponsor).

Watch Heewa from Portland, ME Comments

Heewa wants to dual boot into Windows on the Mac. Leo recommends doing it with BootCamp. BootCamp will automatically partition it for Windows and Mac and he can decide how much of a partition to devote to the Windows side. He can share data between the two, so that's good as well. BootCamp will also create drivers for Windows. He should have a minimum of 20GB on that partition for Windows, since he'll need room for the Windows install and programs he'll install there too.

Heewa also wants to know if 4GB RAM is enough or should he double it? Leo says that if he's running Windows in virtualization, he'll need more RAM. However if he's going with BootCamp and choosing which OS to load, 4GB will be fine.

Watch Dan from St. Petersberg, FL Comments

Dan wants to schedule to publish a post on Tumblr. He wants to schedule it out months, maybe even years. Leo says that if he can put in a date, Tumblr will publish it. Leo says that Tumblr will only allow users to schedule 300 posts in advance, so that's something to pay attention to. Leo also suggests If This Then That, which has an automated option.

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Watch Stan from Simi Valley, CA Comments

Stan rooted his Google Nexus 4 phone for LTE on TMobile. Leo says he'd have to do more than just root it, he'd have to alter some script files as well. Leo is curious at how hard it was. Stan says it only took about 5 minutes and was pretty easy. He got the information from PocketNow.

Watch Gary from Evansville, IN Comments

VPN stands for "Virtual Private Network". There are risks in accessing the internet from an open, public Wi-Fi hotspot, such as a hotel or airport. If, for example, your email provider doesn't encrypt your username and password when you log in, then anyone on that shared network will be able to grab those login credentials fairly easily. Even if you just have an email program running in the background, someone with a sniffer could get your credentials without you even knowing about it. They could even use that to gain access to your other accounts, by sending password recovery requests to that email address.

A VPN solves this, because it scrambles everything you do on the internet. There are a lot of different solutions, one of our sponsors is ProXPN. Gary was calling to ask specifically about HotSpotVPN because they actually make a piece of hardware to do this. You'd put the HotSpotVPN on the back of your computer, and that piece of hardware actually picks up the Wi-Fi, filters it and encrypts it, and plugs into the computer with an ethernet cable. Leo doesn't use the hardware option because his computer doesn't have an ethernet port anymore, but either one is good security while using public Wi-Fi.

Watch Larry from Palo Alto, CA Comments

Larry is an angel investor and wants to know what Leo thinks the future holds for networking with people using technology. Leo says there's a conference in Hawaii called Lobbycon. David Hornik started this did it because he realized the best parts of the computer or business conferences he went to were the conversations in the lobby.

There's all sorts of apps like Highlight or Bump that allow you to connect with people and get their information when you meet them, also. Larry also wants to know how Leo can always find the new, cool things. Leo says he just surrounds himself with people that find those things.

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Watch Rob from Russellville, TN Comments

Rob has a collection of nearly 50,000 photos from his late wife that he'd like to organize and put up on the web for family and friends to enjoy. Leo says that Lightroom is a good way to do that, but he'll have to get them digitized first. Leo took them to a service to scan them. Then he put them up on SmugMug password protected so that family could get them. He can also get them up on Picasa. Flickr will work as well.

Watch Darlene from Torrance, CA Comments

Darlene is looking to upgrade to the new iPhone 5c or 5s and and wants to know if she should buy at the Verizon store or the Apple Store? Leo says to avoid the 5c because it's just an iPhone 5 with colors. The iPhone 5S is a far better buy. Leo says as for where to buy it, it doesn't matter. He likes going to the Apple Store because they'll do stuff for him like transfer his data for free.

What about the recycling program? Leo says that Apple will recycle the phone, but they won't give her much for it. Leo recommends going to to sell her old phone. They'll give her a great deal on it.

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Watch Andrew from Dayton, OH Comments

Andrew would like to be less trackable by the government. Should he ditch the smartphone and just use one of his old flip phones? Leo says the NSA could still find out who he calls and who calls him. Then they can triangulate that to find his location with cell towers. If he wants to be truly off the grid, he should get a burner phone. But that's a heck of a lot of trouble to go to.

The only reasonable way to go about it is to remember that everything he does online is public. So he should just avoid doing stuff online, and use cash whenever possible. Bitcoin is a response to this, and is called a "crypto currency", and is anonymous. There's no way of tracing where it came from if someone pays with bitcoin. It's decentralized and there's no federal reserve bank. However, that's also a negative because you can't pay taxes with this.

Seriously though, we need to insist that they role back the surveillance laws and honor the Constitutional privacy protections.