Will Ultra High Definition be worth getting?

Episode 1015 (1:38:18)

Hamit from Denbury, CT

Hamit is blind, but he's interested in getting a 4K UHD TV. Hamit got Blu-ray for the audio, and he wonders if he'll need to use UHD. Leo says that with 4 times the resolution, he'd get 4 times the data. With UHD, more dots equal more data and the content will come down via streaming or a new disc that will handle 4 times the data. Leo suspects that compression will get better and better and storage will get better as well. All those things will meet in the middle and once UHD is mainstream, the workflow will be there to support it. For the blind, however, they can hear more from a movie than those of us who can see. UHD might not be any better in terms of audio though.

Leo also recommends that Hamit try out ZPlus on the iPhone. The simulated surround sound is mind blowing.