Why does GRC's Shields Up test keep failing?

Episode 1015 (49:54)

Francine from Gloster Township, NJ

Francine has been running Shields Up! from GRC and it keeps failing. She used to be "stealth" but lately she isn't. Leo says it's a router issue. Router makers decided to make routers easy to set up, but they ended up leaving everyone vulnerable, especially with instant UPnP connection. In fact, there's a new UPnP test on grc.com that Leo recommends everyone run to see if their routers are vulnerable.

What Francine needs is "stealth", where she's invisible and her router won't respond to pings when someone bad tries to get in. Since Francine had an Apple Genius set it up, it could be that he opened a few ports. Leo says Francine could go into settings and close them, but Leo says there's really not much to worry about for Francine.