Should I upgrade from the Galaxy Note II to the Note III?

Episode 1015 (1:11:27)

Aaron from Tulsa, OK
Samsung Galaxy Note III

Aaron has a Samsung Galaxy Note II and wants to know what phone he should upgrade to. Leo says that if Aaron likes the Note II, he'll likely love the Note III. It has a 5.7" screen, which is great. Another option is the LG G2. 2.26 Quadcore processor, 14 MB camera, 1080p screen.

Aaron also thinks that innovation has kinda slowed down of late and all we're getting are "fins." Leo says that as a platform matures, there really is less they can do, so they make things pretty to make it look different. The platform is mature, so we'll see more incremental innovations, not wild ones. The Note III is a perfect example. It has a pleather back!