How can I open up my router for ham radio with EchoLink?

Episode 1015

Lenny from San Juan, Puerto Rico

Lenny is a Ham (KP4XN) and wants to know what Leo thinks of EchoLink. Leo says he's used it before. It's a system that uses the internet to connect one operator to another. It uses ham radios that transmit to a repeater station which goes over the internet to an other repeater station where it comes off the internet and through a radio tower.

Lenny has been having firewall issues, though. Leo says that's a common issue for gamers as well. The firewall uses various ports. Port 80 is for surfing, for instance. Port 1024 and above is available for software to use and route traffic. If the router isn't configured for it, the router just bounces the data away. Leo says that what Lenny needs to do is go into the router and enable it via port forwarding. EchoLink uses ports 5198, 5199, 5120. He'll need the internal address of his computer in order to forward the traffic as well. EchoLink has a technote on how to do it.