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Watch Lenny from San Juan, Puerto Rico Comments

Lenny is a Ham (KP4XN) and wants to know what Leo thinks of EchoLink. Leo says he's used it before. It's a system that uses the internet to connect one operator to another. It uses ham radios that transmit to a repeater station which goes over the internet to an other repeater station where it comes off the internet and through a radio tower.

Lenny has been having firewall issues, though. Leo says that's a common issue for gamers as well. The firewall uses various ports. Port 80 is for surfing, for instance. Port 1024 and above is available for software to use and route traffic. If the router isn't configured for it, the router just bounces the data away. Leo says that what Lenny needs to do is go into the router and enable it via port forwarding. EchoLink uses ports 5198, 5199, 5120. He'll need the internal address of his computer in order to forward the traffic as well. EchoLink has a technote on how to do it.

Watch Justin from Middletown, OH Comments

Justin is the kind of guy who keeps every digital thing with terabytes of photos, videos, music, documents, etc. What is the best option for his backups?

Leo says an off site solution like Carbonite isn't practical for Justin because of all that data. He recommends an external drive. He should get two hard drives and swap them out every other week. Then take one of the hard drives and put it off site, trading them in rotation. A RAID 5 disc enclosure on a Network Attached Storage (NAS) device. Leo recommends Synology.

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Watch Francine from Gloster Township, NJ Comments

Francine has been running Shields Up! from GRC and it keeps failing. She used to be "stealth" but lately she isn't. Leo says it's a router issue. Router makers decided to make routers easy to set up, but they ended up leaving everyone vulnerable, especially with instant UPnP connection. In fact, there's a new UPnP test on that Leo recommends everyone run to see if their routers are vulnerable.

What Francine needs is "stealth", where she's invisible and her router won't respond to pings when someone bad tries to get in. Since Francine had an Apple Genius set it up, it could be that he opened a few ports. Leo says Francine could go into settings and close them, but Leo says there's really not much to worry about for Francine.

Watch George from London, UK Comments

George wants to know how good the spam protection is with Gmail. Leo says that Gmail's anti spam filters are great and getting better. George also wants to be able to get his mail from other mailboxes. Leo says that there's a unified mailbox feature he can enable to do that with. Set up with IMAP. That'll give him the least delays. Gmail will also allow him to create filters and tabs to filter and sort his mail.

Watch Aaron from Tulsa, OK Comments

Aaron has a Samsung Galaxy Note II and wants to know what phone he should upgrade to. Leo says that if Aaron likes the Note II, he'll likely love the Note III. It has a 5.7" screen, which is great. Another option is the LG G2. 2.26 Quadcore processor, 14 MB camera, 1080p screen.

Aaron also thinks that innovation has kinda slowed down of late and all we're getting are "fins." Leo says that as a platform matures, there really is less they can do, so they make things pretty to make it look different. The platform is mature, so we'll see more incremental innovations, not wild ones. The Note III is a perfect example. It has a pleather back!

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Watch Steven from New Hampshire Comments

Leo says that external mics don't just inherently work with the iPad. He'd have to find something that would be able to plug into the lightning port on it. Steven is trying to make this work with the Double Robotics iPad robot, too. He could get the Rode LAV mic, but it would have to work within the Double Robotics software. He might have to call Double Robotics to find out what he could do. Leo thinks that any mic he can connect to the iPad would be recognized by it, though.

Watch Hamit from Denbury, CT Comments

Hamit is blind, but he's interested in getting a 4K UHD TV. Hamit got Blu-ray for the audio, and he wonders if he'll need to use UHD. Leo says that with 4 times the resolution, he'd get 4 times the data. With UHD, more dots equal more data and the content will come down via streaming or a new disc that will handle 4 times the data. Leo suspects that compression will get better and better and storage will get better as well. All those things will meet in the middle and once UHD is mainstream, the workflow will be there to support it. For the blind, however, they can hear more from a movie than those of us who can see. UHD might not be any better in terms of audio though.

Leo also recommends that Hamit try out ZPlus on the iPhone. The simulated surround sound is mind blowing.