How can I protect my gear while traveling?

Episode 1014 (1:16:40)

Kevin from Calabassas, CA

Kevin teaches business travelers how to keep their technology safe while traveling. He says that Venice is one of the top pick-pocketing locations in all of Europe. They are also masters of misdirection to get victims looking somewhere else while they rob them blind. He also says to read up on how professional thieves do what they do and the hunting grounds they frequent (tourist traps). Smartphones are the #1 item stolen from tourists worldwide. It's called "iJacking," or "Apple picking."

The distraction - One person talks to you while a second person places a newspaper on the phone and sweeps it up. The crook could be any age. Be careful of the bag you use to put your items in. A purse on the back of a chair is easy to get. Put your arm or leg around your bag strap to prevent them from taking it. Be careful what you lay down. And daybags need to be carried on your shoulders, in front of you. Thieves will actually unzip your bag if you have it behind you. Also, use twist-ties on the zippers themselves to make it harder to unzip them.

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