How can I lift my camera high in the air?

Episode 1014 (43:18)

Tim from Ventura, CA

Tim needs to take some photos high up in the air and would like to tether a camera connected to his laptop. Leo uses a quadcopter for those kind of shots. It's called the DJI Phantom, it hovers and can be controlled by a computer or smartphone. Using a GoPro camera, he can use the smartphone app to see with it. The downside of the copter is that it only has about 15 minutes of battery life. So he should definitely buy extra batteries.

Could he hardwire it with USB? Leo says there's limits to USB. Wireless is definitely the way to go. The Olympus EP-5 has live view, and many cameras can take a wireless live view option.

Check out John's quadcopter video on Vimeo. Here's another great video.