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Watch Sam from San Diego, CA Comments

Sam has a mobile phone and wants to download ringtones. Leo says that ringtones are a huge business and people are buying ringtones of songs they already have. 1/3 of all music revenue was from ringtones. He shouldn't have to pay again just for the ringtone. It's really easy to create a ring tone from a song he already has. It's just a music file stored in a special directory.

Leo downloaded RingDroid, an app which would allow him to create a ringtone from part of a song he chooses. He can then clip it and save it to the ringtone directory. On the iPhone, he can actually create them in iTunes.

For a feature phone, there is no "app" to do this. There is third party software, like BitPim though, but it's not as dependable. Leo says to avoid the so called "free ringtone sites", because these are scams.

Watch Jim from Clairmont, CA Comments

Jim has a new computer running Windows 8, and he can't run Dragon: Naturally Speaking on it. So far, no one has been able to help him solve the issue. The chatroom also says he can try copying the files onto the hard drive and install it from there. Jim says it installs, but won't run.

Leo says that a DVD can often just be bad and Leo says that taking it back and trading it in for a new one will certainly solve the problem. The chatroom also pointed to this technote on installing it.

Watch Russell from Palmdale, CA Comments

Russell wants to know if he can use Time Capsule as a Wi-Fi extender. Leo says that Time Capsule is just an Airport Extreme with a hard drive built in. So it should be a simple matter of accessing the Wi-Fi part of the device. Leo says that when setting up the Time Capsule, set it up as a router to extend the existing Wi-Fi network. This will make the Time Capsule a bridge to extend the existing Wi-Fi signal, also called WDS (wireless distribution system). They key is to do it with all Apple products, as a third party router will cause issues. If he has a cable company router, put that in bridge mode and connect the Airport Extreme to it. Here's a great chart on how to get various routers to work with Apple products. He can also check for more tips.

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Watch Tim from Ventura, CA Comments

Tim needs to take some photos high up in the air and would like to tether a camera connected to his laptop. Leo uses a quadcopter for those kind of shots. It's called the DJI Phantom, it hovers and can be controlled by a computer or smartphone. Using a GoPro camera, he can use the smartphone app to see with it. The downside of the copter is that it only has about 15 minutes of battery life. So he should definitely buy extra batteries.

Could he hardwire it with USB? Leo says there's limits to USB. Wireless is definitely the way to go. The Olympus EP-5 has live view, and many cameras can take a wireless live view option.

Check out John's quadcopter video on Vimeo. Here's another great video.

Watch Ann from Rosita, California Comments

Ann got bit by the FBI MoneyPak virus. This is a scam called ransomware. The virus locks down a computer and won't allow the user to use it until they send them money. It's definitely not the FBI. The only way to get rid of it is to format her drive and reinstall Windows from a known, good source. It will also help if she uses an updated OS like Windows 7.

Watch Doctor Mom from New York, NY Comments

Doctor Mom is excited that Maker Faireis this coming weekend. MIT is going to be there with a speech on how to get into MIT building robots. They're also going to be teaching kids how to build quadcopters, and they're going to try and set a world record for the world's largest Paella dish! Leo says it's great for kids to go to and learn how to build stuff.

Watch Kevin from Calabassas, CA Comments

Kevin teaches business travelers how to keep their technology safe while traveling. He says that Venice is one of the top pick-pocketing locations in all of Europe. They are also masters of misdirection to get victims looking somewhere else while they rob them blind. He also says to read up on how professional thieves do what they do and the hunting grounds they frequent (tourist traps). Smartphones are the #1 item stolen from tourists worldwide. It's called "iJacking," or "Apple picking."

The distraction - One person talks to you while a second person places a newspaper on the phone and sweeps it up. The crook could be any age. Be careful of the bag you use to put your items in. A purse on the back of a chair is easy to get. Put your arm or leg around your bag strap to prevent them from taking it. Be careful what you lay down. And daybags need to be carried on your shoulders, in front of you. Thieves will actually unzip your bag if you have it behind you. Also, use twist-ties on the zippers themselves to make it harder to unzip them.

Check out Kevin's website at

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Watch George from Houston, TX Comments

George wants to know the difference between a geek and a nerd since Leo says he's a geek. Leo says that there's no real difference and even if there was, there's nothing wrong with either. Nerds tend to be a bit socially inept, geeks are just plain passionate about a certain subject.

Watch Paula from Long Beach, CA Comments

Paula got a Google Nexus 7 tablet for her birthday. She wants to know how to sync contacts from her smartphone to her Nexus 7 and Windows. Leo says that Google is her friend. She should just go to and and she'll see that the phones and tablet automatically sync those.

As for the PC, using Google means she doesn't need to worry about a separate application for everything, Google handles it all. She can just let the browser do all the work. For sending email, if she wants to use Windows Live, she can connect Google accounts to it and automatically import it. She can find this in the settings.

Watch Cathy from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Cathy has a large client base and has been using Yahoo mail for her business for years. Leo says that Cathy should have her own domain (i.e. Cathy@[insertnamehere].com) and have Yahoo forward to her email service. As long as it forwards, everyone has the same email and she can change her email provider on the fly. Leo also thinks that Cathy should leave Yahoo and go with Gmail instead. Her business is too important to trust Yahoo with it. Gmail also uses IMAP, which allows her to keep copies of the email both on the server and on her PC. Forwarding is easy on GMail also. In fact, check out Google Apps for Business. It's dirt cheap.

Leo also advises to avoid being called a spammer by signing up with MailChimp. She can mail via location, interests, and more. What about third party email clients? Leo has used FastMail and IslandEMail, but Leo says Gmail is the best.

Watch Dave from California Comments

Dave has been using Cat 5e Ethernet and plans to put it in his home, but now everyone is using Cat 6 because of gigabit Ethernet. Using Cat 6 going forward will future proof him, but at the end of the day, Wireless is a pretty strong technology. It's also way easier to setup. However, if the walls are open while he's building the house, he may as well do it. There's really no such thing as future proofing with any hardware, though. Eventually, it's going to be outdated. If Cat 6 is too pricey, 5e is fine. And he can double up on plug sockets.

What about HDMI? HDMI doesn't go far enough. He could use Baluns on either end of his cat 5e and then he can connect it to his TV. Leo says Coax is good enough, though. He should just put in a conduit so he can pull it if he wants. He should also put a cable drop in every room.

Watch Chris from Miami, FL Comments

Chris wants to know if iTunes Radio is worth upgrading to iOS 7 on his iPhone. Leo says it's a huge change and some apps won't work on it, but iTunes Radio should be great. Having said that, Leo advises taking his time upgrading to iOS 7. It's a radical change and it's probably best to let them shake the bugs out of it first.