How can I use my phone overseas?

Episode 1013 (18:10)

Brett from Valencia, CA
Verizon iPhone 5

Brett is going to Paris in a few weeks to make a TV show, and he's concerned about carrying his cellphone. Leo says it's best to get an international data roaming plan. It's not cheap, but it's far cheaper then paying the roaming fees after he gets back. It's also important to have the GPS capability to get himself around.

Leo also says that Brett needs a world phone, and a really good one is the iPhone 5. With Verizon, it'll come unlocked, so Brett could get a local SIM card and save a ton of money. He should check out PrePaid with Data's Wiki page, which has the best deal in the countries he'll be traveling to. He'll still need an unlocked European/World Phone to make it work, though.