Apple Announces iPhone 5s with Touch ID Fingerprint Recognition

Episode 1013 (55:19)

This week, Apple announced the new iPhone 5S which comes with Touch ID fingerprint recognition, which Leo says is an innovation that explains why Apple never chose to use NFC (near field communications) into their phone. Leo says that Touch ID has the option of being a new way to make purchases. But privacy advocates says that Touch ID could cause people to incriminate themselves as fingerprints are not protected by the 5th amendment. So Touch ID does affect user privacy in a very fundamental fashion. Leo also doesn't see the virtue of a 64 bit iOS operating system. What good will it do?

It also bothers Leo that Apple won't let users preorder the iPhone 5s, but will let people preorder the 5c. It seems that Apple has decided that long lines outside the Apple Store is good marketing. Leo says it's bad corporate behavior that alienates their faithful customer base.

Apple also announced iOS 7 will be out next week and it's a completely different operating system, so much so that Apple says it makes your phone into an entirely different phone. But Leo says that people may not want to be in such a hurry to upgrade. He doesn't like how it looks and some apps may be broken as a result. So it's best to take a wait and see attitude.