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Watch Brett from Valencia, CA Comments

Brett is going to Paris in a few weeks to make a TV show, and he's concerned about carrying his cellphone. Leo says it's best to get an international data roaming plan. It's not cheap, but it's far cheaper then paying the roaming fees after he gets back. It's also important to have the GPS capability to get himself around.

Leo also says that Brett needs a world phone, and a really good one is the iPhone 5. With Verizon, it'll come unlocked, so Brett could get a local SIM card and save a ton of money. He should check out PrePaid with Data's Wiki page, which has the best deal in the countries he'll be traveling to. He'll still need an unlocked European/World Phone to make it work, though.

Watch Dave from Lake Forest, CA Comments

Dave has thousands of pictures, and he would like to organize them in a more sensible way. Leo says that Google Picasa will organize them by date, but he can also create folders by events and password protect them so he can share them with others securely. Picasa will automatically propagate it online. It also has face recognition so that it's easy to find all pictures of an individual. He can even geo tag and organize them.

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Watch Elena from St. George, Utah Comments

Elena wants to know if she should buy and extended warranty on her iPhone. Leo says that the new Apple Care, called Apple Care Plus, is beneficial because it covers damage. It's $100 (with a $79 co-pay) and it covers two incidents. Leo says that often, Apple will replace a broken iPhone for $200. So an extended warranty is a profit center for Apple, and Leo nevers buys it. In the long run, it's just plain cheaper. If Elena's the type of person who has butter fingers, Apple Care can buy peace of mind.

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Watch Douglas from Ashville, NC Comments

Douglas is annoyed because the smartphone he uses, the LG Optimus P509, uses too much storage for stuff he doesn't want or use. He can't even put what he really does want on it! Leo says the problem with older phones is that they usually use an Android OS that doesn't support saving apps to a microSD card.

Leo recommends rooting the phone and then putting on a custom ROM to allow him to do more. He should check out He can Input his phone model and find instructions, tips, and tricks on how to root it.

Watch Deborah from Santa Clarita, CA Comments

Deborah has a wireless internet connection, but she frequently gets disconnected even though it appears that she has strong signal. She looked in her network connections and she sees one that is getting a lot of her bandwidth. Leo says that in congested neighborhoods, it's possible that someone is leaching off her Wi-Fi access point. It could be dozens of things, though.

Leo says it's best to get a Wi-Fi expert. It's not something that can be troubleshooted over the phone. She can check with the chatroom here and contact her local computer shop to see if they have a Wi-Fi analyzer that they can use to solve the problem.

Watch Juan from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Juan is getting a strange data CRC error. Leo says that's likely a soft error, but it may also indicate a physical error on the hard drive itself. Soft errors are easy because he can always just format the hard drive and reinstall.

Leo recommends SpinRite, which can scan the hard drive, move the data, and mark bad sectors as unusable. Then, at least he'll buy some time for that hard drive. But Leo says that hard drives are so cheap, that once he gets the data off, he should just get a new one.

Watch Monroe from Rutherford, NJ Comments

Monroe has a two year old MacBook Pro with 4GB of RAM and he's thinking of boosting the RAM on it to avoid beach balling. Leo says that beach balls tend to be an indication of software issues. Leo recommends formatting the hard drive and reinstalling OS X. While he's at it, he should upgrade to Lion. Upgrading to 8GB really isn't worth the performance boost he'll get, which is marginal.

Watch Gail from Covina, CA Comments

Gail has an iPhone 4 and she's looking to upgrade to the iPhone 5s. How much storage should she get in it? Leo says the iPhone comes in 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB with $100 bumps each way. If her current phone is 16GB and she's not deleting stuff to make room, then a 16GB is just fine. If she can swing the extra $100, she should get a 32GB just to be safe.