What's the best alternative to Posterous?

Episode 1012 (2:08:00)

John from Burlington, MT

John heard the phone call about streaming little league hockey games and he does just that! He does it through a company, which sends him all the equipment except the camera itself, which he provides. The service is FastHockey. It's free to the producer, but they charge those who view.

What he would like to do is host his video highlights. He used to use Posterous to get it up to YouTube and other sites. Leo says there's a service called PostHaven.com, which is like a pay version of what Posterous was. It's run by former Posterous employees, but they charge $5 a month. It uses the same back end as Posterous did, and does the same thing, only they are slowly bringing out difference capabilities. So it's not exactly like Posterous yet, but it can still do a lot. It can post by email and web and works with photos, music, video and documents. It can keep private sites with passwords. It autoposts to Twitter and Facebook. It also has an image gallery upload, editing features, and commenting.