Is there a camera for streaming live events?

Episode 1012 (1:55:00)

Pete from Anaheim, CA
Black Magic HDMI to USB

Pete wants a camera that he can stream little league hockey games on. Leo says he'll need a camera with live HDMI out. Most video cameras will do this, and with excellent quality too. Then he'll need a laptop that is able to take HDMI in and then stream it over the internet. The camera really isn't the hard part. Leo uses the Canon Vixia HFR400 and the Canon Vixia G20 at the Brick House Studios for TWiT.

Leo recommends going to to read reviews of live HDMI out. The best solution would be an HDMI to USB converter from Blackmagic.

Will a MacBook Pro work for the streaming? Leo says sure, but he should make sure it exceeds the specs of his streaming app. Also, the Blackmagic Atem is a switcher that would allow him to use multiple cameras. It isn't cheap, though.