What are alternative options for getting wireless broadband?

Episode 1011 (1:56:40)

Nancy from Carson, CA

Nancy lives in a mobile home park, but can't get any broadband cable installed due to park regulations. So she's stuck with 4g wireless hot-spotting. She doesn't want to get stuck with overages. Leo suggests using Virgin Mobile, as they don't have data caps on their service. T-Mobile has data caps but they can't charge for overages, they just would slow her down a bit. There could be some Wireless Internet Service Providers (WISPs) in her area.

Dave in the chatroom says she may have a legal right to internet service. Talk to local authorities. They may have no choice but to let her get traditional phone service and that opens the door to DSL. Clearwire is another source. She could talk to DSLExtreme. She has a legal right to landline service, they can't disallow that. She could also contact the California Public Utilities Commission. Leo's sure they'd like to know.