Apple to Announce New iPhone on September 10

Episode 1011 (48:58)

Apple will be announcing a new iPhone at an event on the Apple Campus in Cupertino on Tuesday. It's going to be a cozy event, though, because the auditorium at One Infinite Loop only holds about 120 people. Leo is guessing it'll be called the iPhone 5S, it will be available in black, white, and champagne, it'll have a fingerprint reader and an upgraded camera. There will also be an iPhone 5C with colors and a plastic back, without a fingerprint reader, and will sell at a lower cost. Leo also says that Apple is doing this to get people off the old stuff to get iOS 7, which will be coming out soon after the event as well.

There's also talk that there's a new Apple TV coming, which has been deduced from, believe it or not, cargo manifests!