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Watch Jim from Woodland Hills, CA Comments

Leo says that while most cameras have rechargable batteries these days, cameras that have disposable batteries are an advantage because he could get the batteries anywhere. It would be great for traveling. He can get rechargeable AAs, but he would need to get the high milliamp batteries for them to last. Eneloop Rechargeables by Sanyo are really good.

Jim also wants to know about those cheap $99 tablets, though. They can be recharged. Leo says they're really cheap and it's a false economy. The cheapest Leo would recommend is the Google Nexus 7 at $249. Wasting $100 is worse than spending $250 for a proper tablet.

Watch John from San Diego, CA Comments

John wants to know the best format to save his documents in. Leo says that future proofing his data by saving it to a PDF format is a good idea. It stands for "Portable Document Format," and most software supports it now.

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Watch Brian from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Brian is going to be traveling to Italy with this young son and wants to be able to track him if he wanders off. Leo says there are gadget trackers - devices that are intended to be used for luggage, keys, etc. A key tracker on a necklace would be a good idea. Leo says there's a bluetooth device that sets off an alarm when his child is more than 30 feet away. What about using an iPod or iPhone and use find my iPhone? Find my iPhone isn't precise enough and doesn't work indoors.

Here's an article on Mashable of the eight gadgets and apps to track kids. He'll want something that has a locator, uses GPS and bluetooth, and raises an alarm when they break a set distance.

Watch Chris from Greenville, SC Comments

Chris is a music teacher and he needs some webcams that he can install and access remotely. Leo uses DropCam, that he can access via the internet, but they use a ton of bandwidth and if he would need more than one, it'll kill his internet. He can use webcams that save locally to his server instead. Lorex has an eight camera system that records to a local hard drive for about $800.

Watch Kevin from Anaheim, CA Comments

Kevin sends his clients PDFs and he wants to know the best way to send them over the net. Leo says that sending attachments via email is a security issue and he always tells people not to open attachments from people. He recommends putting a PDF up on Google Docs or Google Drive, and then sharing a link to it. That way they can open it up in a secure environment and don't run the risk. Kevin may have to educate his clients, and that's a negative, but it would be safer to do it this way. It'll give them an option to download it as well, and they don't need to install any reader software either.

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Watch Kyle from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Kyle just discovered Lego's next generation of robotics toys called the EV3 (or Evolution 3). They include gyro sensors, range finders, and drag and drop programming. They're very cool and Kyle is using them to teach science, technology, engineering and robotics to kids, even as young as 5 years old at his Mathobotics after school program.

Leo says that's a great product and it's certainly the future. Kids who learn this stuff now will have a leg up over everyone else.

Watch Julie from Carson, CA Comments

Julie recently got her first iMac and wants to know if she should get Eset's Cyber Security software. Leo says that Macs are far safer than PCs because they are active in blocking malware as it happens. Also, their smaller market share means Mac users aren't as much of a target. Leo says the greater threat is her behavior. No antivirus program can protect her from herself if she allows it to get through. Having said that, keeping her software up to date is always key to keeping her system secure. Especially third party software. She is always the first and last line of defense.

(Disclaimer: ESET is a sponsor).

Watch Nancy from Carson, CA Comments

Nancy lives in a mobile home park, but can't get any broadband cable installed due to park regulations. So she's stuck with 4g wireless hot-spotting. She doesn't want to get stuck with overages. Leo suggests using Virgin Mobile, as they don't have data caps on their service. T-Mobile has data caps but they can't charge for overages, they just would slow her down a bit. There could be some Wireless Internet Service Providers (WISPs) in her area.

Dave in the chatroom says she may have a legal right to internet service. Talk to local authorities. They may have no choice but to let her get traditional phone service and that opens the door to DSL. Clearwire is another source. She could talk to DSLExtreme. She has a legal right to landline service, they can't disallow that. She could also contact the California Public Utilities Commission. Leo's sure they'd like to know.

Watch Tim from Livingston, MT Comments

Tim is looking at tablets and wants to know when the next Nexus 10 tablet will come out. Leo says that the Samsung Galaxy Note is a great option, but the screen resolution is a bit disappointing. We're due for a Nexus 10 update. It should be out soon. The current Nexus 10 is still a great tablet, and the Nexus 7 isn't too bad either.

Watch Lamont from Tampa, FL Comments

Lamont is looking to get a new Mac Mini. Should he get an SSD drive or a Fusion drive? Leo says that SSD drives are fast, but they're expensive and smaller in size. The Fusion drive is a bit faster than a spinning drive, and would give him more storage, but it is still slower than SSD. It really comes down to how much space and speed he needs. Leo puts a pure SSD drive in every computer he buys. If he would need storage, he can always get an external drive.