What's the best security camera?

Episode 1010 (28:48)

Bob from Rutland, MA

Bob is looking for a good security camera with nightvision that he can monitor over the Internet. Which ones are the best for the money? Leo has a few choices, but he suggests checking for security issues because some are easily hacked. Here are Bob's options:

  • DropCam
    Leo likes these cameras. They're constantly on, and there's also a DVR capability that's available for a monthly fee.
  • VueZone
    These are battery powered so Bob could place them anywhere. The downside is that they aren't constantly on -- only when he accesses it. It can be set up for motion control though.
  • Axis
    These offer pan/tilt/zoom features that can be controlled over the internet.
  • FosCam
    This is a favorite among the chatroom.