What's the best phone to get on T-Mobile?

Episode 1010 (1:11:40)

Anne from Woodland Hills, CA

Anne's cellphone is now off contract and she wants to know what new phone she should get for T-Mobile. She's been using a Samsung Galaxy SII.

Leo says that T-Mobile has dumped the subsidized contract in favor of either buying the phone up front or financing it. Leo says to go to TMobile.com and click on Plans. Scroll down to the Pay as you go plan. There's a $30 a month unlimited data and text plan with 100 minutes a month. It's a great deal if she doesn't spend much time on the phone.

Leo says that the Samsung Galaxy SIII or the SIV is what Anne wants for her phone. The SIV has a ton of bloatware on it though. However, the phone itself is excellent. Leo also says that the Motorola Moto-X is fantastic, and it's a pure Google phone, so it won't have that bloatware. Google just dropped the price of the Nexus 4 by $100, so it's just $200 now.

If Anne can wait a few weeks, the next two weeks will show a host of new phones coming out. The IFA conference in Berlin usually has a ton of new phone announcements, including the Samsung Galaxy Note III. And Apple will announce a new iPhone (most likely) on September 10.