What's the best pure Google Android phone?

Episode 1009 (1:03:43)

Julian from Los Angeles, CA

Julian got the Google Nexus 4 pure Android smartphone, and he's ready for a new phone. Leo says that the HTC One is a better option, but it doesn't have removable batteries. He can tweak it for better battery life, though. The Samsung Galaxy SIV has removable batteries, but Leo's not much of a fan of the additional junk Samsung put on it, and the terrible camera.

Should he get LTE/4G? Leo says that since he's on T-Mobile, HSPA+ is almost as good. Also since not as many people are using T-Mobile, HSPA+ is often just as fast as LTE on other networks. So Leo recommends the HTC One on T-Mobile. Another good choice is the Motorola Moto-X.