Scott Wilkinson and Leo's OLED TV

Episode 1009 (22:12)

Scott Wilkinson

Leo says that because of Scott, Leo ended up buying a $9,000 55" OLED HDTV. Leo says it's the best picture he's ever seen. Scott says that we're just now seeing OLED being scaled up to larger displays and over time, the price will drop. But it has no backlighting or edge lighting, and the blacks are pure black. Leo says it's very sophisticated with motion control, and has a voice activated remote. It just needs calibrating and Scott can't wait to do it! Scott also says that OLED's color and contrast also stays the same as you go "off axis" from the center. Leo also says that OLED has the same problem that other HDTVs have -- they show defects really well. Another issue is that OLED is currently just 1080p, which isn't really future proofed with 4K.