Is Ooma a good VOiP option?

Episode 1009 (11:53)

Mike from Portland, ME

Mike can buy a new modem and avoid the monthly charge from Time Warner. He can get a Motorola SB6141 modem from Amazon for about $80, but he's also having to pay for his phone service through Time Warner. He's thinking about using Ooma instead, but he currently has 7 items on his phone line, and he's wondering Ooma will be able to handle the REN, or Ringer Equivalency Number. Leo says it will do that, but the main issue is e-911. VOIP won't give him regional 911 (E911), it gives him statewide 911, which usually routes to the State police. So, 911 won't know his location unless he registers his address with them.

The other issue though, is if power goes out, so does his phone. This is why Leo also recommends getting a local phone service through the traditional line, which can run about $10 a month.