How can I set up multiple RSS feeds on my Wordpress site?

Episode 1009 (55:45)

Mike from San Antonio, TX

Mike went blind about 3 and a half years ago. Since technology has increased his quality of life so much, he's become much more interested in it. He also has started a podcast, and wants to know how he can have more than one RSS feed on his Wordpress site. Leo suggests using a plugin called Podpress.

He also wants to know if there's software that would allow him to mute guests when they're on his show. Leo says to use a mixer for that, but it can get complicated quickly. Leo's former engineer Colleen set up something called the "Skypeasaurus", which had a separate PC for every Skype guest. It also had four monitors on it so each guest had their own monitor. All of these Skype PCs would then come in on their own channel on a mixer. Then he'd need to send each guest a "mix-minus", which is the entire mix except for that guest. That way, each guest can hear all of the other guests without hearing themselves echoing back. Leo was using an analog Mackie mixer to do this. Then he could mute each guest using that.

The show is called "How To Be Blind", and it can be found at