What budget HDTV should I get?

Episode 1008 (41:21)

Herbert from Klammath Falls, OR

Herb needs a new TV, and his budget is around $700. What HDTV can he get? Leo says first, get the biggest he can afford. Also, while most TVs have built in sound, they're not all that great. He should look into getting a sound bar or a HTIB (Home Theater in a Box). He can save that for later though.

For $700, Leo recommends Vizio. They're not a first tier player, but they offer great resolution and quality for the money. He should be able to get a 50" for that price. He'll be looking for an LED backlit TV. Vizio has some 3D and smart TV capabilities, but he doesn't really need any of that. He'll just be looking for the best quality panel he can get for his money.

The first thing he'll want to do when he brings it home is turn off the "dynamic" or "showroom" mode, and put it in "movie" or "natural" mode, which is most realistic.