What are my options for "cutting the cable?"

Episode 1008 (1:54:06)

Robert from North Carolina
Google Chromecast

Robert is about to "cut the cable." He's bought a Roku for one of his rooms, and has accounts with Netflix, Crackle, and more. He wants to know about a device that will allow him to stream videos in his main viewing area though.

Leo says that Chromecast is a great option. The idea is to connect the TV to the Internet so he can stream content. Almost all new TVs can connect to the internet, but there's no one single box that will connect him to everything. Check out Veronica Belmont's spreadsheet of set top streaming boxes at bit.ly/settop. Roku is pretty good, especially with Roku-Channels.com, which provides a lot of content.

The Chromecast is interesting and cheap, but a bit limited at the moment. The Apple TV is great too, if he's in the Apple ecosystem.

The downside of streaming is that he can't enjoy live television access, though. But that's going to change. There is a company called Aereo which allows users to watch live television over the internet, but it's limited to certain areas right now.