How can I get college football online?

Episode 1008 (1:30:41)

Dave from Thousand Oaks, CA

Dave is a college football fan and thanks to the Time Warner Cable and CBS issue, and that the Pac12 Network isn't carried by Verizon, he can't see the football he wants. Leo says that exclusives are annoying because it restricts the viewer. Leo predicts that CBS and Time Warner will resolve their issues by the start of the NFL season. Pac12 has an app that could help.

College football is smart because they're making their games accessible to boosters and alumni. He would need to have one of the TV providers on their list to use it though, which puts him back at square one again. This stranglehold that network and cable companies have on content is ridiculous. The good news is, it's going to end. Then he'll be able to get his content from the creators directly.