What's the best option for creating a RAID backup?

Episode 1007 (22:09)

Horatio from Rancho Cascades, CA
Synology DiskStation 2

Horatio wants to create a RAID for video editing, and he wants to know if the RAID provided by his Intel motherboard is good to use. Leo says that the RAID that is built into the motherboard is a software RAID called "BIOS RAID", and that's fine. But Leo says that a RAID card is more robust and better.

It depends what RAID configuration he uses. Striped RAID (RAID 0) is ok, but Leo calls it "scary RAID" and doesn't recommend it. There's also Mirrored RAID (RAID 1) which makes the same copies on other drives. Then there's RAID 5 which combines all drives as one, and has redundancy to keep him backed up. He'll need at least 3 drives in order to make that work. Leo is a fan of RAID 5 because if any drive dies, he can just replace it without losing any data.