What tablet should I get?

Episode 1007 (1:02:53)

Jean from Las Vegas, NV
Microsoft Surface RT

Jean is getting a tablet computer for her birthday. She was thinking about getting the Surface RT. Leo says the only real advantage of the Surface RT is that it's been deeply discounted and has Windows Office built in. She'll still need to pay another $100 to get the type keyboard add-on. Unfortunately, though, the only Windows app that works on RT is Office. No other Windows based software can be installed on it.

Jean was also considering getting the Samsung Galaxy Tablet and then buy a laptop on Black Friday, but she wants to use it for spreadsheets. Leo says that there's no good app to do spreadsheets on Android, so in that regard, the Surface is a good choice. Leo says that given the price drop, if Jean invests in the Type keyboard add-on, she wouldn't need to buy an additional laptop. So for Jean, the Surface may be the ideal solution.

If she's going with a laptop/tablet pairing, then Leo recommends the Google Nexus 7 tablet. The screen is gorgeous. Then she can get the laptop she wants. If money were no object, that's what Leo would get.