Johnny Jet

Episode 1007 (1:11:01)

Johnny says that while many airport lounges are private for travelers, there are ways around that. First, he recommends downloading LoungeBuddy, an app that will tell you what lounges are available for you to use without any additional status or fees. For instance, American Express Platinum card holders can get into just about any lounge for free. Diners Club members can get into international lounges. Also, if you're flying international or business class, you are in good shape as well. Users can also buy a day pass for $50 that allows them to use the facilities on a one-time basis. Don't pass up the option of sweet talking. Become a volunteer on a crowded flight to be bumped. Airlines love volunteers and you may be able to negotiate lounge access as part of your perks.

In other travel news, Travelocity and Expedia are joining forces.