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Watch Cliff from Tampa, FL Comments

Cliff recently bought a Motorola Moto-X for his wife. He's holding out for the Note 3. Leo says that the Galaxy Note 3 will be announced Sept 4th.

The problem is that they are an iPhone family, and text messages won't send via SMS. Leo says that to go into the person's contact entry and uncheck the box that says 'iMessage'. Then it'll go to SMS. Leo says that iMessage has a flaw that prevents it from knowing when to send a text as iMessage. Leo also says that this is part of Apple's way to keep users in the Apple ecosystem.

The chatroom says to sign out of her Apple ID in iMessage and Facetime.

Watch Horatio from Rancho Cascades, CA Comments

Horatio wants to create a RAID for video editing, and he wants to know if the RAID provided by his Intel motherboard is good to use. Leo says that the RAID that is built into the motherboard is a software RAID called "BIOS RAID", and that's fine. But Leo says that a RAID card is more robust and better.

It depends what RAID configuration he uses. Striped RAID (RAID 0) is ok, but Leo calls it "scary RAID" and doesn't recommend it. There's also Mirrored RAID (RAID 1) which makes the same copies on other drives. Then there's RAID 5 which combines all drives as one, and has redundancy to keep him backed up. He'll need at least 3 drives in order to make that work. Leo is a fan of RAID 5 because if any drive dies, he can just replace it without losing any data.

Watch Andy from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Andy is a video editor who is creating a documentary about the first player to get a billion points on a video game. He wants to build his own website to advertise it. Should he go with SquareSpace? The problem he's having is that some of the links aren't working right and he hasn't published it just yet. Google is already indexing it, so people are seeing it before it's ready. Leo says that if there's nothing linking to it, then Google won't find it. So, Leo suggests going into the settings to see if there's a "don't index" option until he's ready. Here's a few technotes on how to prevent it: and

Check out his website at He's raising money with a Kickstarter campaign.

(Disclaimer: SquareSpace is a sponsor).

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Watch Robert from LaPuente, CA Comments

Robert would like to get a laptop or tablet that supports firewire. Leo says that the industry has moved away from FireWire in favor of USB 3.0. Even Apple, which was a huge proponent of Firewire has moved on from it. Robert could get a laptop that supports PCMCIA cards, and then he can get a Firewire card for it, but that's a feature that's also disappearing. Robert could also get a USB to Firewire adapter.

Watch Kevin from La Crescenta, CA Comments

Kevin's son is heading off to college and he's looking at laptops, ultrabooks, and tablets. He's wondering what would be the best choice for an accounting major. Leo says that Lenovo running Windows 8 is a real good choice. He should get a touch screen. Leo likes the Acer Aspire S7. It's very thin and light. Don't go cheap, because it'll be his main education and entertainment tool. If he can, he should get a professional grade laptop.

Kevin's wondering about ultrabooks too. Ultrabooks are essentially a Windows version of the MacBook Air. Leo recommends going to the school bookstore to ask what computers the college recommends, and see if they are offering better deals through the book store. Should he get an i5 or i7 processor? Leo says that an i5 Haswell is ideal because it'll be great on battery power and will have great performance. An i7 would be overkill, in Leo's opinion.

Watch Jean from Las Vegas, NV Comments

Jean is getting a tablet computer for her birthday. She was thinking about getting the Surface RT. Leo says the only real advantage of the Surface RT is that it's been deeply discounted and has Windows Office built in. She'll still need to pay another $100 to get the type keyboard add-on. Unfortunately, though, the only Windows app that works on RT is Office. No other Windows based software can be installed on it.

Jean was also considering getting the Samsung Galaxy Tablet and then buy a laptop on Black Friday, but she wants to use it for spreadsheets. Leo says that there's no good app to do spreadsheets on Android, so in that regard, the Surface is a good choice. Leo says that given the price drop, if Jean invests in the Type keyboard add-on, she wouldn't need to buy an additional laptop. So for Jean, the Surface may be the ideal solution.

If she's going with a laptop/tablet pairing, then Leo recommends the Google Nexus 7 tablet. The screen is gorgeous. Then she can get the laptop she wants. If money were no object, that's what Leo would get.

Watch Jane from San Diego, CA Comments

Jane has a three year old MacBook running Snow Leopard, and CDs she gets from her doctors won't run on it. Leo says that Jane should make sure it's a CD, not a DVD. It may be that her drive doesn't support DVDs, just CDs. Leo says that the program needed was called "Rosetta," and that's an old emulator program designed to run older, proprietary software. Leo says Jane doesn't want to install that because OSX has moved beyond it. Leo recommends asking the doctor to install a program that works with modern Macs. But there may also be a Windows program and that's why they don't get a lot of complaints.

Leo also suggests just browsing around the folder to see if there's jpgs or movs and Jane can just open them with her Mac natively.

The chatroom found a free program called OsiriX Viewer, designed for opening these files. It will allow her to look at the DICOM images (images with a .dcm extension).

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Watch Enrique from California Comments

Enrique has been keeping several Windows 98 machines running in order to run some old programs. Leo says he should run the software in compatibility mode or through virtualization software. He'll still need a Windows 98 install disc, but he can use VirtualBox for free, and install Windows 98 within a newer version of Windows.

Watch Andrew from Covina, CA Comments

Andrew's hard drive is starting to make a ton of noise. Leo says that's a sign that the hard drive is failing, and he needs to get the data off it and get a new hard drive. If the hard drive can't be read, Andrew has heard that he can freeze the hard drive and it'll make it run temporarily. Leo says it's a last resort and may just work, but he shouldn't be surprised if it doesn't. This is why it's so vital to backup.

Andrew could probably take it to DriveSavers to get the data off. They take apart the hard drive and put it in a new housing, but it can cost thousands.

Watch Bob from Santa Barbara, CA Comments

Bob's wife is traveling to Italy on vacation and wants to know if she should bring her iPhone. Leo says that she could pay for an international data roaming plan. They're not cheap and the data caps are small, not to mention the cell call charges.

Another way is to turn off data roaming. She won't have data unless she has Wi-Fi access, like at her hotel. Some apps, like Google Maps, would allow her to cache data while away from Wi-Fi.

The third option is to have her carrier unlock her phone. They will likely do it if her account is in good standing. Then she could get a local SIM that she could put in her phone while she's there. The advantage of that is that she'll have a local number. The good news is that Bob's wife has an iPhone 5 which is a world phone and is unlocked. So she's good to go on that option. Leo advises going to this site for pay as you go Sim information in Europe.

Watch Max from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Max has an iMac running Mountain Lion and iMovie doesn't allow him to play movies and it's running really slow. Leo recommends reinstalling iMovie. He should uninstall it, then go to the App Store and download and install it again. That often cures a lot of problems.

Watch Arlene from Temecula, CA Comments

Arlene lives in a rural area and is stuck with dial-up. Leo says that one option is satellite internet from WildBlue. She'll have to pay for more equipment up front. The other option is cellular. If there's 4G access in her neighborhood, then that could also work. If not, then dial-up will be as good as it gets.

This is why Leo is an advocate of a "Tennessee Valley Authority" style project to wire the country for broadband. The TVA Rural electrification wasn't cheap, but it was well worth doing during the great depression. It's at the point now where having high speed internet is equally as important.