Will I be able to use a laser disc and VHS player with an HDTV?

Episode 1006 (2:23:08)

Rob from Lebec, CA

First, Rob wants to know if there are blu-ray players with passive glasses. Leo says that it isn't the player, it's the TV that handles the 3D. Leo says that Panasonic is the one to go with, and in particular, Plasma.

Will the HDTV accept the RCA jacks from his laser disc and vhs player? Leo says yes, but they won't be all that great looking.

He also wants to know about 16x9 because his last TV was 4:3. He likes the old movies in that format. Leo says that 16:9 is HD's aspect ratio, but he can still watch older movies. They'll just have black bars on the sides.

He also wants to know what the digital copies on the blu-ray are for? Leo says they're for downloading to a mobile device and it's a guard against piracy.