Can I upgrade my son's MacBook Pro?

Episode 1006 (1:12:04)

Bill from Culver City, California
MacBook Pro

Bill's son has a MacBook Pro that he got in 2009 and he complains that it's not as fast as it used to be. So he wants a new one with a solid state drive. Leo says that most new laptops now come with SSD, especially ultrabooks. Can he upgrade his son's current MacBook Pro with an SSD? Leo says maybe.

If his MacBook is a SATA 1, though, then he won't get the real speed benefit because the SSD will be faster. But if it's SATA2, he should be fine. Check out to see which one is best. He's concerned it will die in the next few years, since it's already four years old. Leo says that it's important to understand that at that age, it's already in it's final stages. If he's going to college after he graduates, a new one will be beneficial to him. Leo says to tell him that if he gets straight A's he'll get a new one!