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Watch George from Santa Monica, CA Comments

George wants to know why it's a federal crime to open snail mail, but not a crime for other people to read email? Leo says that it's because nobody in Congress has made it a crime. The department of justice has held that email that is more than six months old can be considered "abandoned." Also, any email at work is legally the property of the employer. There is no right to privacy there. The bottom line is that laws are always behind innovation. However, the post office has been cataloging "meta data" of mail for years as well.

Watch Brian from Charlotte, NC Comments

Brian has had to replace his iPhone 5 five times and is thinking of switching to the Motorola Moto X. Leo says that the Moto X is a great introduction to the Android world because it's a pure Google Android experience without a lot over extras or overlays. The screen is roughly the same, though slightly larger, than the iPhone. It even has similar Siri functions with Google Now.

Leo thinks that Brian will like the Moto-X, and AT&T will get it in the next week. Verizon should have it by the end of the month. The difference is that AT&T will be getting the customizer, allowing the user to customize the phone and get it within four days.

Watch Steve from LaHabra, CA Comments

Steve wants to know if there's a place tech writers can gather online to publish information about a patent. Leo says the short answer is no, but he does recommend, but it isn't cheap. There's also social media.

Leo says that tech writers aren't really going to write about a patent because most patents are trivial. And with patent trolls, it's too risky because most are non-practicing entities that have no intention of making the device the patent was granted for. Even major companies are being litigious over it.

Watch Adam from Bakersfield, CA Comments

Adam bought a new Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and he wants to know how to delete all the preloaded bloatware on it.

Leo says that Adam would have to "root" the device first, which isn't really all that hard but he'll have to be careful. Leo recommends going to and look up his device for instructions on how to root it. Then he can delete whatever he doesn't want or even install a custom Android ROM.

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Watch Carl from Burbank, CA Comments

Carl wants to get a tablet to put his music on, and also download sheet music. Leo recommends the iPad because its the only tablet that has iTunes, and there are a lot more music apps available on iPad. There will be a new iPad coming in October, so if he can wait a couple months, that would be best.

If he wants to get an Android tablet, there is a way he could easily get his music on it. If he uses Double Twist on his computer and on the tablet, his music will sync up.

Watch Dale from Palmdale, CA Comments

Dale has a Slingbox, and ever since he updated his Slingbox app on his phone, it won't work unless he uses the HDMI cable. Slingbox says it's the HDCP copy protection of DirecTV. Leo says that this is most likely true. Leo recommends checking to make sure his HDMI cable is HDCP compliant. It sounds like DirecTV is turning on copy-protection to frustrate users of devices like the SlingBox.

Watch Dale from Palmdale, CA Comments

Leo says it will be announced September 4th, and it will probably be available within 3 weeks. Leo's not sure which carriers will have it, but it will most likely be AT&T since they had the Note 2. Leo's hopeful that Verizon and the others will also carry it. Nowadays Samsung is putting their devices on every carrier, not all at the same time, but Leo says it will probably end up on all carriers.

Watch Bill from Culver City, California Comments

Bill's son has a MacBook Pro that he got in 2009 and he complains that it's not as fast as it used to be. So he wants a new one with a solid state drive. Leo says that most new laptops now come with SSD, especially ultrabooks. Can he upgrade his son's current MacBook Pro with an SSD? Leo says maybe.

If his MacBook is a SATA 1, though, then he won't get the real speed benefit because the SSD will be faster. But if it's SATA2, he should be fine. Check out to see which one is best. He's concerned it will die in the next few years, since it's already four years old. Leo says that it's important to understand that at that age, it's already in it's final stages. If he's going to college after he graduates, a new one will be beneficial to him. Leo says to tell him that if he gets straight A's he'll get a new one!

Watch David from Ithaca, NY Comments

David has a podcast and he's having a challenge getting the right download numbers from his RSS feed. Leo says that he uses Podtrac's free podcast counting tool which will enable him to count the number of times the podcast gets downloaded. He would just need to add a redirect so it goes though Podtrac to count it and deduplicate the times it's downloaded more than once from the same IP. Then he can get a free report. Google Analytics is also helpful.

David's podcast can be found at

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Watch Gary from PEI, Canada Comments

Gary had an old Olympus 512 Ultrazoom that he learned a lot with. He's thinking of getting a new camera, but should he stay with Olympus? Leo is a big fan of Olympus. Leo says going with another is a great idea. One disadvantage is that some older Olympus cameras use xD cards. He'll want to go with SD cards because they're standard. The other problem with point and shoots is a single focal length, which is why the Micro Four-Thirds Olympus PENs are a good option.

Watch Randy from Cedar City, UT Comments

Randy got a Samsung Galaxy S4, but he can't find a decent app to watch TWiT with. Leo says that Twit.TV by F-Con is the one he uses. For iOS, there's the TWiT app by ShiftKey Software.

Watch Jake from Temecula, CA Comments

Jake is going to Paris in the fall, and he wants to know if he can use Google Voice on his phone while there. Leo says no, Google Voice is US only at this point. Can he use Magic Jack? He could use that, but Leo recommends Skype. For $99 a year, he can get international in and out bound calls all over the world.

Watch Jack from California Comments

Jack gets the dreaded blue screen of death when he boots into Windows, and he can't even boot into safe mode. Leo says that tends to imply a serious error. It's either bad hardware or bad drivers. If he can't boot into safe mode, then that points to a hardware problem. It could be bad memory or a flakey hard drive. It could also be that the hard drive may have a bad bit in just the right spot that's causing the crash. Leo recommends running the repair utility from his Windows install disc. If that doesn't repair it, he may need a new hard drive.

Watch Adi from London, England, UK Comments

Adi is calling Leo via Skype and the Samsung Galaxy SIV Mini. He says that Skype in Europe is great. He also says that Samsung has a new backup app called Samsung Smart Switch which allows him to transfer apps, data and settings to a new phone. This works through the computer, so it can transfer data from any phone.

Watch Rob from Lebec, CA Comments

First, Rob wants to know if there are blu-ray players with passive glasses. Leo says that it isn't the player, it's the TV that handles the 3D. Leo says that Panasonic is the one to go with, and in particular, Plasma.

Will the HDTV accept the RCA jacks from his laser disc and vhs player? Leo says yes, but they won't be all that great looking.

He also wants to know about 16x9 because his last TV was 4:3. He likes the old movies in that format. Leo says that 16:9 is HD's aspect ratio, but he can still watch older movies. They'll just have black bars on the sides.

He also wants to know what the digital copies on the blu-ray are for? Leo says they're for downloading to a mobile device and it's a guard against piracy.

Watch Richard from Oxnard, CA Comments

Richard is concerned that his backup won't be safe from the NSA. Leo says that Carbonite is as good as he can get because it has a "trust no one" encryption. Only he has the key to the encryption, not them. So that makes it a good choice.

However, there is a transfer point between his ISP and Carbonite. So the government can always go there and demand the "SSL" keys. And perfect forward security prevents the US government using older keys that are outdated.

(Disclaimer: Carbonite is a sponsor).