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Watch Ed from Norfolk, UK Comments

Ed uses Photoshop for his photo editing and wants to know what laptop he should get. Leo says that the Haswell i5 or i7 (4th gen) is faster for graphics and has great battery life. Plus, he'll want a good, accurate screen. A touch screen is a good idea. Leo likes the Lenovo Carbon Touch.

The chatroom likes Samsung laptops for this. Asus is also good. Leo uses an upper level Acer, specifically the Aspire S7. Most photographers, however, use Macs because the color tends to be the most accurate.

Watch Louis from Phoenix, AZ Comments

Louis wants to know if you can use a non touch second monitor with a touch screen laptop. Leo says sure. Windows 8 is designed to use touch, mouse and keyboard equally, so there's no issue. There's also keystrokes for everything. Leo says he should have at least one touch screen, though, if he can.

Watch Deborah from Mojave, CA Comments

Deborah is suddenly having trouble with her Windows Netbook after it locked up. Apparently, a device driver got installed. Leo says that's probably OK. Drivers crash and the Windows OS finds new drivers all the time. Leo says that more important is the age of the netbook. And for the price of it, Deborah is lucky she got that much use out of it. Leo thinks she should start saving and just run the netbook into the ground. When she can't use it anymore, move on. But for now, a driver issue is minimal.

Watch Rob from Montana Comments

Rob has a Netgear R600 router and the signal keeps dropping. Leo says that routers are commodity computers that have no cooling. Because they're always on, it's not surprising that they can become unreliable. Since they're cheap, he could just toss it and buy a new one. But before he does that, try installing the latest firmware update or even a third party firmware like Tomato or DDWRT.

DLink is Leo's favorite router for PC, or the Airport Extreme from Apple.

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Watch Ron from Brea, CA Comments

Ron has a MacBook Pro that he bought in 2012. Lately he's been getting beach balls and crashes. He took it to the Apple Genius and they reformatted the computer. Leo says that's standard because they can't tell at first if it's software or hardware. Restoring the computer to its native state can eliminate a software issue easily. He restored it from the backup they made and now he's having trouble. Leo says it could be a bad backup.

It's important to always backup the computer before taking it to the Apple Store. If he was backing up a dual boot with Apple and Windows, then he may need to do two separate backups. If it's a bad backup, via Time Machine, Leo recommends a secondary backup option like SuperDuper. ChronoSync is also good.

Watch Roger from Whittier, CA Comments

Roger is getting an "Dolby" error message on his desktop when it boots up. Leo says it's an issue with Roger's sound card. A motherboard sound card could be causing the issue. If so, then it's the job of the motherboard manufacturer. A new driver should fix it, so he should just go to the motherboard website and download the latest motherboard drivers. A dedicated sound card would fix the issue as well.

Watch Brad from San Clemente, CA Comments

Brad wants to be able to transfer images he takes on his phone and sync them to Picasa. He's set up his Google Drive and Picasa to monitor it. With Google being able to sync automatically, is that a good solution? Leo says sure, but there's numerous other choices. DropBox, Facebook, and Google+ will also automatically sync to his phone if he chooses to and stores them. SmugMug's app will as well, and in full resolution.

Watch Joe from Chatsworth, CA Comments

Joe is going overseas for the first time and wants to know what technology he should bring. Leo says that a good camera is a must. A laptop isn't really necessary, though. He should be sure to turn off data roaming on his smartphone because if he doesn't, he'll come home to a phone bill in the thousands. So, turn it off and just rely on WiFi. He should also cache maps with Google Maps so he can use them without requiring data.

What about local SIM cards? Leo says that Joe will need to have his phone unlocked in order to use them. Carrier locking will prevent using a different SIM card. Once the phone is unlocked, then he can buy a local SIM. #3 has a great low cost unlimited data SIM plan for the UK. Sara Lane loves them.

There's an app that is great for traveling called Field Trip. This app will give Joe information about the things around him as he travels. It's available free for both Android and iOS.

Joe may also need a power adapter. In most cases, an adapter is all he'd need, but if his device doesn't go to 220v, then he'll also need a converter.

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Watch Andy from Dusseldorph, Germany Comments

Andy wants to put a DVD movie on a USB memory stick and plug it into an Android tablet to watch it. Leo says there's a few steps. First Leo says she'll have to rip the DVD to remove the copy protection. Handbrake and VLC Media Player work together and will do that in addition to encoding it to the proper format. MP4 is a good option. Once she has the movie ripped, she'll have to get it onto the tablet. If the tablet has a USB memory stick slot, she can put the movie on the USB key and plug it in. Then Andy should be able to play it directly from there.

Watch Tim from San Diego, Ca Comments

Tim's battery will not charge on his Asus laptop, which is about 3 years old. In fact, a new battery just drains as well. Leo says that after three years, it could just be a depleted battery. After about 500 times, a battery just will not charge. But if the battery has been replaced and it still won't charge, it's probably not the battery. It could be the AC adapter. It also may be an an internal issue and chances are, that's more expensive to fix than to just replace the laptop.

Watch Eileen from Huntington Beach, CA Comments

Eileen is interested in VPN services when she goes to China. Leo says that in many cases, the Chinese government will block VPNs and in some cases, it could put up a red flag. Leo spent a few weeks in China a few years back and access to different social media comes and goes. There's a great Wikipedia Page which lists what works and what doesn't. Another good one is

It can be done with a VPN, and a strong VPN is good. ProXPN is good. Skype isn't blocked right now, so that shouldn't be a problem. Dude in China uses Astrill. That's the one that works best for him.

(Disclaimer: ProXPN is a sponsor).

Watch Jay from Irvine, CA Comments

Jay is concerned that Google is turning over everyone's information. Leo says that there's no evidence of that. It wouldn't matter anyway because everything he does on the internet can be captured by the NSA anyway. ISPs keep everything as well. The browser doesn't stop anything.

Watch Dean from Oceanside, CA Comments

Dean wants to create his own chatroom. Leo says he uses IRC (Internet Relay Chat). It's open source and simple to use. TWiT has its own server, but he can use it with FreeNode or any of the other servers that an IRC channel can be established on. There are IRC clients for computers and smartphones as well. Leo suggests going to to ask questions about it.

Watch Sandy from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Sandy wants to know if an inkjet or a laser printer is the best option for photos. Leo says that an inkjet is the best with more accurate color. Leo likes the Epson Expression printer. It's WiFi enabled and great for photos. Can print from any WiFi device. Leo also likes the Canon Pixma line.